6 Months of Summer

Miles from your average roadtrip doc.

A 6-part series exploring what it means to be young, free and alive.


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6 Months of Summer is a 6-part series with weekly episodes streaming for free, every Wednesday.

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6 Months of Summer was filmed during a 6 month roadtrip in The USA during the Summer of 2014, when myself and best mate Rory bought a 1984 Camper Van for worryingly cheap, and set out with no plan and very little money, just to see what would happen. We wanted to break away from the mundane day-to-day of what some may consider a “normal” lifestyle, and didn’t worry about what could go wrong, but rather, what might go right?

Part 1:

We start our journey in Colorado, and Part 1 features some beautiful scenery (and snow!) high up in the mountains, a run-in with the police (who encourage us to drink-drive), some 60-foot-high cliff jumping, us using a dam’s drainage chute as a water slide, and some super gnarly vert skating!



Part 2:

In Part 2 of 6 Months of Summer, we visit a strange, timeless land covered in enormous rocks and 100ft natural archways, get very excited about our first wash in 10 days, and Ben stands on his head in 4 different states…

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Part 3:

In this episode, we unravel some unexplained ancient mysteries and discover just how The Grand Canyon was formed, the desert burns us to a crisp in Las Vegas, and we reclaim our minds in the Pacific beaches of California…



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