July! Here’s a wee update from the month of July.

I’ll start with the most important. 6 Months of Summer.

6 Months of Summer is starting to come together. Woo! I’ve been working on it real hard the past few months, and have been putting in the 5am sessions the last couple of weeks, and after what has felt like a lifetime, it is actually getting there! For those of you unfamiliar with this project, I’m making a 6-part roadtrip documentary from footage I shot when me and best mate Rory lived in a 30 year old van (Jill) and drove around The States for 6 months. I’ve had to push the streaming date back from July to August, but you know how it is, these things always take longer than you could have ever imagined, and also you can’t hurry art! I’ll be posting more things online as it starts to form a more solid shape, and am hoping to get a trailer up in the next week or so. The online premiere will be sometime in the first couple of weeks of August, and then there will be an episode every week for 6 weeks after that. Join the newsletter here to get each episode delivered to you pre-release! Also check the 6MOS page of this site for more goodies!


In other news, I’ve been nominated for another award! Yaaay. The nomination was for ‘Best Edit’ in this year’s Radar Music Video Awards, for my video for Lynx’s Clap Track.

“Radar Awards is a brand new music video festival celebrating the best new music videos from up & coming director and artist talent. Held at the iconic YouTube Spaces, London, with support from video streaming giants Vevo and the world-class Marshall Amplifiers, this year’s inaugural awards are set to start with a bang.”

The ceremony was last night (Thursday 14th) at YouTube Space London. I couldn’t make the event as I’m hiding away from UK politics and Pokemon here in NZ, but I had fingers and toes crossed! Unfortunately it wasn’t third time lucky for me and the award went to Daniel Price for his video for V V Brown’s Lazarus. Well done bro! More info about the awards can be seen over on Radar’s site, here.

At the moment I’m also working with the lovely people at The North Grove, who are launching a new YouTube Music Channel out of The Netherlands. I’m creating some 4k video loops for their channel uploads, using a series of 4k timelapses I shot in beautiful New Zealand over this summer. Hold tight for their channel to launch, but in the mean time here’s a still from one of the timelapses:

Max Palmer Visuals The North Grove Lake Still

I’ve also been uploading various images to my Instagram (give us a follow!), from footage I’ve shot during my time here in Aotearoa. Here’s a couple of them:

Cook Straight Max Palmer Visuals Med

This is the view from the road I live on, on a clear and crispy winter’s day. I’m so grateful to be met with such inspiring beauty every time I leave the house. This was taken from Island Bay, Wellington, and that’s the South Island across the Cook Straight.

max Palmer Visuals Startrails New Zealand

This one’s looking up from Hokianga, New Zealand’s North Island, back in January 2016. Clouds kept passing over which is what gives the stars the gritty and broken look. I think it almost looks like a vinyl record :)

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Thanks for taking the time to pop over for a little read! I know the world has gone pretty haywire recently (even more than usual), but just stay positive!


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