Hello everyone, happy Monday!

Thanks for all the love this week about my new site, and for all the shares and good stuff on social media.

Editing of my roadtrip documentary 6 Months of Summer is going well and I’m very excited about its release next month. It’s gonna be like sticking your face into a bee hive, except the bees aren’t bees at all – they’re magic good-vibe rainbows, and their stings are more like kisses of happiness. And there’s good music in there too. Imagine that, a face full of kisses of happiness from magic good-vibe rainbows while listening to beautiful tunes. Delicious.

In the mean time, if you’d like to see some nice things from 6MOS, please follow me on Instagram, where I’ve been posting video stills from the series, like this one:

Cliff Jump 2 6MOS Text 6 Months of Summer Max Palmer Visuals

Enjoy the rest of your week, I hope it’s off to a beautiful start.



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