Bonjour! Here’s the page of my website that’s typically called ‘The About Page’, where you can find a little bit more about me and what makes me tick. I’ve done it like an FAQ instead.

How’s it going mate? (I get asked this one a lot)

Always Good!


Where are you from?

Saaaff England, but I’ve got blood from all over the shop.


Have you been making videos a while? Is this properly your ‘thing’?

Yes! I’ve been playing around with video cameras and making videos ever since I can remember, not just since Instagram did video. When I was about 5 I used to play with the family’s old Sony VHS camera, filming stuff in the garden and out of my bedroom window for hours on end, fascinated by the optical zoom. I also used to set it up to film the TV so I could have copies of the videos we rented from the video shop, but shhh in hindsight that was actually pretty illegal.

After that, inspired by Bam Margera, Jackass and CKY, me and my mates would film a load of stupid shit like jumping into bushes and throwing bananas at cars. I was mostly behind the camera, but I still got tarred with the same brush and ended up getting the camera confiscated by my Grandad.

It took me a while to save up for a video camera I could actually call my own, and eventually I was the proud owner of a Sony Hi-8, with one of those cheap snap-on fisheyes. This is when jumping into bushes turned into skateboarding, and eventually we got a shiny new computer actually capable of being able to capture footage from the camera. I got a dodgy version of Premiere Pro, et voilà, my insomnia was born.

During my teens, I created hundreds of skateboarding videos of my mates as we toured the country in-between school and college, visiting skateparks and exploring cities. This was just as camera phones started coming out, and way before the days of Facebook, so I ran a good old fashioned dot-com blog, Fiasco Skateboarding, which attracted thousands of visitors every week.

While at uni, I started meeting DJs, producers and promoters, and got heavily involved within the local club and music scene, both in Bournemouth and in London. My videos evolved into documenting parties and club nights, creating psychedelic stage visuals, and shooting behind-the-scenes studio sessions and music videos.

23 years in England was just about as much as I could take, so 3 days after our final year exhibition finished, I packed my camera and got on a plane. Since then I have been making a range of videos all over the world, and plan to continue for the foreseeable future.


So you’ve got an actual degree and everything?

Yup. I got a 1st in a BSc called Creative Media Technology from Bournemouth University and was awarded ‘Best Media Technology Student’ (certified!).


Rad. What would it be like if I hired you to do a video? I’m not very familiar with the process…

It would be beautifully smooth and lots of fun. Click here to read about the typical collaboration process – I always make sure that everyone’s clear and comfortable before the project starts moving forward.


Sweet! How do I get in touch about a project, or just to say hello?

To talk video ideas, please email me on Or we can do likes and small-talk on social media if you’d like – just follow the links at the footer of every page. Also it would be great if you subscribed to my newsletter to receive some lovely things every now and then (and did I mention you’ll be sent 6 Months of Summer pre-release?).


How much do you charge?

That differs massively from project to project. After we talk about your ideas and needs, we’ll agree on a price. I’ve had jobs in developing countries that have paid me with a place to live and food instead of money, so it all depends on our situations.


So would you be willing to come and work with our NGO even though we live in a jungle shack in the Amazon?

Probably! I have no ties to any part of the world and am always keen for opportunities to work in new and exotic places. Email me with your ideas!


Ok great. Where are you working at the moment?

Here! It’s lovely.


That’s nice. I run a skate company and have a sick team. Do you want to film & edit skateboarding videos for us?



Who drew your logo? And what is it?

My logo, like everything in this world, is whatever your imagination perceives it to be! I sometimes see it is a drop of water or something pure entering something that could be interpreted as an envelope of creativity (or something like that), or sometimes I see it as an eye and a pineal gland. What do you think? Anyway, It was hand-drawn by the amazingly talented Mike Stout. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for any kind of next-level drawing – he’s a legend and an absolute pleasure to work with. Check out his other amazing, ridiculously detailed drawings at Stout Island.

I also wanna give massive biggups to the man, the legend, that is known to mortals as Benny Aves, for doing the audio for the ident used in my showreels. I also highly recommend this man for anything audio or technical and creative. Check him out at Aves Creative Tech.


What do your previous clients have to say?

In short, Max Palmer is a solid professional and a delight to work with. One may also describe him as: Brilliant. Talented. Patient. Creative. Organized. Skilled. Inspired. Prolific.
Palmer delivered more than he promised, far more than he was compensated for, and what he gave us back was exactly what we needed. He listened to our desires, shot what he could under some less than optimum conditions, and the output blew us away.
It is with pleasure and absolute conviction that I heartily recommend Mr. Palmer. His technical talents and artistic eye would be a boon to any project he works on.

Salman A. NensiInternational Communications Manager, Nensi Co.

Max has worked on multiple album projects for us including Etherwood, Fred V & Grafix and Keeno. For Etherwood's debut album he created a cohesive video campaign for every track from the album, which undeniably contributed towards the great success of the release. His ideas have always been original and the work has always been completed on time. All the videos submitted have been of a great quality and can be viewed on our Youtube channel.
We will continue to use Max for future projects, and are happy to recommend his services.

Romy HaberDigital Manager, Hospital Records

I have been working with Max for roughly 5 years and best friends with him for at least 10. Together we have constructed art that I would consider to be some of my greatest achievements. Max's attitude towards creativity, his eye for composition and his enthusiasm is like nobody I have ever met and am ever likely to meet. If you're lucky enough to work with him, you're very lucky indeed. I can not recommend him enough.

Rory WannertonRapper 'JPEG' / Fat Raj / Co-star of 6 Months of Summer

For 9 months, Max worked with my team and I at, Lotus Lodge in Siem Reap Cambodia. We worked together in creating beautifully shot tourism videos for our guests to enjoy. Max has a great understanding of cinematography and his editing is remarkable. It would be my pleasure to again work with Max in creating beautiful videos.

Mitch St.PierreManager, Lotus Lodge, Cambodia

Max is an innovative, imaginative and highly talented videographer, and I would have no doubt in recommending him to work on any project. During our end of year degree show in 2013, Max created a series of original, high quality ‘behind the scenes’ videos to provide an insight into how the exhibition was managed and organised. He produced some outstanding work that was both informative and entertaining, and is still used within our marketing and teaching materials today.

Andrew J KitchenhamCreative Technology Lecturer, Bournemouth University

Max was an inspirational cat to work with. He is hugely positive, versatile and reactive. Every idea was possible, nothing was longed out or stressful. The results he got from our obscenely low budget set-up are amazing. Since shooting the video I have had meetings with film lecturers and producers and they have balked at the revelation that our video was shot on a total shoe string. Max Palmer, brilliant film maker and jolly good egg.

Adam KammerlingRapper, Poet, Adam from Hip-Hop duo 'Adam & Cuth'

Max provided us not only with a first class video to enable us to share our work in providing arts therapies to countries recovering from genocide with the international community, but he also provides a true passion and commitment to his work. Highly recommended.

Tori GreenFounder, Hand in HeART Project / Creator, Sok San Street Festival, Cambodia

I got Max Palmer to do some visuals for a club night I promoted in the Bournemouth area called Tropics. I gave Max a simple brief to work with and was over the moon with the result, which was a stunning ten minute visual loop that dramatically contributed to the vibe of the night. Furthermore the work was completed before the deadline. Will be using Max again in the near future for sure.

Toby KingPromoter & Event Organiser, Tropics

Max produced a number of videos for me. The results were better than I could have imagined and produced a lot of interest in me as an artist. Max is very creative, a great collaborator - always happy to hear my suggestions - professional and technically excellent. The videos we worked on were successful and great fun to make. I would highly recommend a chat with Max to anyone considering a video project.

Michael Cohen"The Fabulous Micky C"

It was great to work with Max on my music video. His experience and skill meant that everything went very smoothly. He took my ideas and points on board instantly, which showed in the first draft, as well as bringing his own ideas to the table which worked very well. Even though we were on different sides of the world, Max completed it in a couple of days. The result was everything I could have asked for and more. Extremely happy with how it turned out! I would recommend him to anyone out there.

KonciseMusic Producer

Very professional and wonderful to work with, brings fun and enthusiasm into every second! I am thrilled how the video came out, such a creative soul. Would highly recommend Max for any of your visual needs!

Natasha SofiaCreator, Maya Attire

It’s the kindness of sharing and the magic of word-of-mouth that allows me to do what I love for a living: