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I’m Max, a multi award-nominated video artist, and I love what I do.

I specialise in creating music videos, trippy visuals, skateboarding clips and travel documentaries.

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I create short, high-impact video, for web and big-screen.

The main creative outlets that I hold an affinity with are music (specifically broken beats), festivals of arts, travel & tourism, NGOs, and skateboarding.

As such, the videos I make and services I offer tend to fall under the following headings:

Music Videos & Visualisations

Whether you’re a label manager, an unsigned bedroom producer, or anyone in between, I can help you to promote your music, no matter where either of us are in the world.
From fully-custom, audio-driven psychedelic animations, complementary organic footage from beautiful & exotic locations, abstract and trippy visuals, to a full blown video shoot, I’ve got you covered. My music videos have been multi-award nominated, and are soaring through millions of views online. For a closer look, please click here, and I’m sure we can create something beautiful together.

Stage & Public Space Video Loops

Are you organising a party, club night or festival? Do you have a shop, travel agency, or a fancy reception area? You could probably do with some elegant and vibrant video loops to spice up the party, enhance the ambiance, showcase the creation of your unique gorgeous products, or flaunt the beauty of your glorious holiday destinations. Why not even have some charming visuals in your shop window when you are closed, or some video flyers for your club or event? I can help.

Travel & Tourism

I am forever inspired by the breath-taking beauty of this Earth, and the fascinating, diverse cultures of her people. Naturally, my life has fallen into in a state of perpetual travel, and documenting these landscapes, cultures and experiences I encounter has become second-nature. I’m all about capturing the vibe and energy of an inspiring trip or curious location in its entirety, and emulating that in an absorbing, complete audio-visual experience. Travel companies or NGOs, click here!

Behind The Scenes & Documentaries

One of my favourite types of videos to watch online are behind-the-scenes videos which follow artists at gigs, or document the creation of special events. As such, they are one of my favourite kinds of videos to make. I grew up making skateboarding videos, so am very accustomed to documenting unscripted events in uncontrollable and unpredictable environments. Hire me to create a behind-the-scenes video of your next event and go a level beyond your competitor’s standard event montage – get your audience fully involved and allow them to connect with you & your brand on a more personal level. Click here.

For a closer look at the services I offer and to watch my showreels, please have a look at my services page. Otherwise, please make yourself a lovely cuppa and feel free to potter around the site, there’s plenty to watch! Why not start by checking out some highlighted projects below:

Lynx – Clap Track

Fred V & Grafix – Major Happy

Amber Maya – Back Pedal

6 Months of Summer

JPEG – A Bitter Abyss

Koncise – Flowers

You can also browse my videos by location:

It’s the kindness of sharing and the magic of word-of-mouth that allows me to do what I love for a living: