A whole Hip-Hop music video consisting of one man’s face from the same angle.


Two very good friends of mine used to be in frequent musical collaboration, with rapper JPEG writing bars, and Benny Aves producing the beats. JPEG has released 2 solo EPs, both produced by Benny Aves, and features on the full album released by Small Town Boredom, also produced by Benny Aves. Cop the free downloads of these releases here.

This is one of JPEG’s more deep, dark and conscious tunes, filled with abstract metaphors. We wanted the video to feel cold, and reflect the abstract concept of the track without distracting the viewer from listening to the lyrics.

We filmed the video entirely in his living room in the space of a couple of hours, spending a good chunk of this time trying not to laugh while I slid the camera past what he attempted to be a straight face.

After a few days playing around on Premiere Pro, the result was something neither of us had ever seen before.

All camera work and post-production performed by me.

Released: Early 2013

Filming Locations:

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