11 tracks of complementary visuals, incorporating the album art and reflecting the organic aesthetics of the 2nd album by highly-acclaimed liquid Drum & Bass artist Etherwood.



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The touching melody and rolling percussion are set against visuals of Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park in California, which come from excellent English video artist, Max Palmer. It’s a match made in D&B heaven.

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After the success of the video campaign I created for Etherwood’s debut album, I was hired again by Med School Music to create another complete set of album visuals for the 2nd album, Blue Leaves.

Etherwood’s organic and beautiful music style has been visually represented within the branding of his albums. The cover art and titles all convey an outdoorsy, natural feel, and it was my job to incorporate these aesthetics into the videos as well.

Using the theme of the album art and title – Blue Leaves, I created videos for 11 tracks on the album using footage I shot in the beautiful forests of Northern California. I see the visuals as the album art coming to life, tying up the whole release in one beautiful little blue package.

All camera work and post-production performed by me.

View all tracks and videos in the full playlist here.

Released: Mid 2015

Filming Locations:

Spread it like a forest fire: