One of my first good-vibe hip-hop music videos for UK hip-hop artist JPEG.


Two very good friends of mine used to be in frequent musical collaboration, with rapper JPEG writing bars, and Benny Aves producing the beats. JPEG has released 2 solo EPs, both produced by Benny Aves, and features on the full album released by Small Town Boredom, also produced by Benny Aves. Cop the free downloads of these releases here.

This is the first video I did for JPEG, and one of my first ‘proper’ music videos. It’s one of those fun, good-vibe hip-hop videos (much like Happy Up!) and features JPEG rapping in the shower and rowing around a lake in a Jester’s hat. Having all my camera gear on that little rowing boat was fucking sketchy.

Released: Mid 2012

Filming Locations:

Bring meat to a vegan: