A set of experimental-style visuals created from urban footage to complement this diverse 4 track-EP by Urbandawn.



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For this 4-track EP by Urbandawn, I created visuals for every track using footage I shot in the City of Berlin, to reflect the ‘urban’ aesthetics of the artist name. I sliced up the footage in the same angles and shapes as the cover art, creating a glitchy, almost psychedelic effect, and to maintain synergy between all aspects of the branding of this release.

The locations in this video were very interesting to see and shoot. The East Side Gallery area has been shot over a million times, so it was fun to try and show it from a new angle, and combining different shots together as if they were the same scene gave an abstract effect I haven’t seen before. The second location, Teufelsberg (German for Devil’s Mountain), was one of the raddest places I’ve seen in Berlin. An old spy tower from the war, now squatted by artists, and covered in some of the best ‘graffiti’ I’ve ever seen, also with panoramic sunset views of the surrounding areas, was well worth a visit and highly recommended to anyone wanting to soak up the raw artistic culture of Berlin.

All camera work and post production performed by me.

View all tracks and videos in the full playlist here.

Released: Late 2015

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