Hired by one of the finest UK Drum and Bass Labels, Hospital Records, to create the official music video for Danny Byrd’s “Starting it Over (feat. Hannah Symons)”.


  • All production roles including:

  • Producer

  • Director

  • Camera Operator

  • Editor

  • Motion Graphics, Effects, Art Direction

  • Colourist

Record Label


Rolling with the high-energy, 90s jungle sound of the track, I created a video that celebrates street culture whilst nodding back to the 90s with its visual aesthetic. I added 90s memphis shapes and patterns created by myself to further contribute to the 90s feel, and to also add a lot more visual energy to compliment the fast paced track. I purposely shot it in a “home video” or “dad-cam” style to give that home-video/old holiday-video feel.

To make the footage genuinely have that old-school look without the use of post production effects and filters (used all too often these days), I shot the video on a 15 year old 3CCD Mini-DV tape camera, edited it, and then recorded the edited video back to tape – a technique used back in the day to distribute edited video without the internet.

I then filmed the playback of the tape on the camera with a modern 4k camera. So the footage you see in the video is genuinely playing on the same camera it was shot on, and that tape really is the original copy of the video!

Shot on the Streets of Barcelona and the Beaches of Ibiza, Summer 2018.

Released: March 2019