Hired by one of the finest UK Drum and Bass Labels, Hospital Records, to create the official music video for Grafix’ new single Radiance.


  • Producer

  • Director

  • Editor

  • Motion Graphics and Effects

  • Colourist

Record Label


Grafix is very well known for forming half of the DnB duo Fred V & Grafix (check out this video I did for them back in 2012). However Fred V & Grafix have now split up, and have started producing and releasing music as two individual solo artists. Part of this process consists of establishing a new identity as a solo artist, and my job was to create a video that helped to do that.

Using the official photos Grafix uses for press and online profiles as a reference, I was to create a video that embodied this visual style, playing on the beige/black border combination and use of an inverted monochrome colour palette, which is synonymous with the new Grafix as a solo artist.

The idea for the video was to use visually stunning footage, and to edit in an aggressive and abstract, yet visually pleasing way, to reflect the heavy hitting track and create something with a very unique visual style that hasn’t been seen before.

We went and shot with a drone up in the mountains somewhere where I’m not allowed to say, just before the last of the snow had melted. I thought that this snow coverage would give the footage more impact, and the cold harshness would help to compliment the track – a typical sunny drone video wouldn’t have fit the bill with this one! The shoot actually got postponed for 3 weeks as there were many very heavy storms, which resulted in lots of snow to film but absolutely impossible and dangerous flying conditions. We decided to finally bite the bullet and just go up there as we were running out of time. The forecast had predicted scattered storms, but we were extremely lucky and had near-perfect flying conditions. The cloud cover also helped to add a menacing and eerie ambience (as seen in the introduction of the video), and the sunset above the clouds was absolutely incredible.

I edited the footage in a way that pays attention to every detail in the track, adding numerous overlays, glitches and geometric shapes, slicing the footage up in an abstract way, and taking the viewer on a rollercoaster ride with impossible drone maneuvers. The result is not your typical drone video!

If you’re interested in seeing my very well organised edit timeline for this video, it’s below.

Released: May 2019