I specialise in creating short, high impact video that brings serious attention to your music or brand.

Video Types

The main creative outlets that I hold an affinity with are music, non-corporate events (such as gigs & festivals of arts), travel & tourism, NGOs, and skateboarding. As such, the types of videos I create and the services I offer tend to fall under the following headings:

Whether you’re a label manager, an unsigned bedroom producer, or anyone in between, I can help promote your music online and on the telly.

We can work together no matter if we’re in the same city or in different hemispheres. From fully custom, audio-driven psychedelic animations, complementary organic footage from all over the world, mashed up trippy clips made from strange stock footage, to a full blown video shoot, I’ve got you covered. My music videos have been multi-award nominated, and are soaring through millions of views online. For a closer look, please click here, and I’m sure we can create something beautiful together.

If you’re organising a party, club night, gig, festival stage or chill-out tent, you could probably do with some intoxicating video loops to nicely complement and enhance the vibe you’ve got going on.

Or you may have a travel agency, boutique shop or a fancy reception area that’s lacking that little something extra to push you above your competition. Video loops are a great way to draw a customer’s attention to details of your products or services that they wouldn’t normally see. Capture the feeling of your glorious holiday destinations and enchanting tours, showcase the hands-on creation process of your beautiful unique products, show a time-lapse of your art being created, or promote your event with a video-flyer.

I’ve created video loops that have been displayed on screens from Cambodia to New Zealand, so click here and we’ll create something to make you stand out.

I am forever inspired by the breath-taking beauty of this Earth, and the fascinating, diverse cultures of her people. Naturally, my life has fallen into in a state of perpetual travel, and documenting these landscapes, cultures and experiences I encounter has become second-nature.

I’m not a fan of quick videos shot on a phone, I’m all about capturing the vibe and energy of a trip or location in its entirety, and emulating that in an absorbing, complete audio-visual experience. Travel companies or NGOs, click here!

One of my favourite types of videos to watch online are behind-the-scenes videos which follow artists at gigs or in the studio, or that document the creation of special events or works of art. As such, they are one of my favourite kinds of videos to make.

I grew up making skateboarding videos, so am very accustomed to documenting unscripted events in uncontrollable and unpredictable environments. Hire me to go behind-the-scenes to document the growth and bloom of your NGO, festival, exhibition, album, or whatever creative project you’re bringing to life, and go a level beyond a standard event montage – invite your audience to become part of your journey, and watch them connect with you & your brand on a more personal level. Click here.

In short, Max Palmer is a solid professional and a delight to work with. One may also describe him as: Brilliant. Talented. Patient. Creative. Organized. Skilled. Inspired. Prolific.

Palmer delivered more than he promised, far more than he was compensated for, and what he gave us back was exactly what we needed. He listened to our desires, shot what he could under some less than optimum conditions, and the output blew us away.

It is with pleasure and absolute conviction that I heartily recommend Mr. Palmer. His technical talents and artistic eye would be a boon to any project he works on.

Salman A. NensiInternational Communications Manager, Nensi Co.

I’m available to work both locally, and from afar, depending on your ideas and project needs. Whether you know exactly what you’re after, or if you have some vague ideas floating around that you’re finding hard to pin down, drop me an email and we can talk your ideas through together.

If you have an idea for a long-term collaboration, i.e. producing regular content, or shooting a documentary about your NGO in some obscure location, for example, don’t hesitate to get in touch – I have no ties to any part of the world and am always keen to find opportunities to work in new and exciting places.

My current location is:

The Collaboration Process

I know that your ideas are precious, which is why I always work with my clients (rather than for) in order to make sure that what you imagined is carefully nurtured into reality. Excellent communication is key, and I like to make sure that all aspects of the project are outlined clearly so that the client’s expectations are always met.

Initial Ideas

The first stage will always be to talk about your project, ideas and wishes. With the global connection we have with each other via the internet, it has never been easier to share ideas no matter where we are in the world. Together we will come up with some wicked concepts for your video(s), brainstorm what’s possible, and discuss how we can create everything you’ve pictured. We’ll also discuss if you’d like different variants of the video(s) for different platforms, (i.e short versions for social media, teaser clips etc.), and we’d agree on a price before the project moves forward.

Wheels in Motion

This is when the project starts moving. Depending on whether we are shooting something together, or if I am creating your video from afar, there may or may not be some extra stages here that could involve meeting, planning, shooting and gathering extra content, depending on the scale of the project.



Editing, Feedback & Improvement

During the editing process, I will keep you in the loop with previews of how your video’s growing. I will usually deliver previews at certain milestones within the video, so you can check that it’s progressing how you envisioned. These are your chances to make changes, and to help steer the direction of the rest of the video. I am a perfectionist myself, so even if you want a cut to happen a beat earlier, it’s no problem.

Final Draft

Several previews later we will reach the final stages. This will be when the finishing touches are made (colour grading, audio mixing etc.) and for you to make sure that you’re 100% happy with it before it goes through the final render.



Project Complete!


Woo-hoo! I deliver you the final files, everyone’s happy, we all hi-5 and head to the pub.

Max produced a number of videos for me. The results were better than I could have imagined and produced a lot of interest in me as an artist. Max is very creative, a great collaborator - always happy to hear my suggestions - professional and technically excellent. The videos we worked on were successful and great fun to make. I would highly recommend a chat with Max to anyone considering a video project.

Michael Cohen"The Fabulous Micky C"

It was great to work with Max on my music video. His experience and skill meant that everything went very smoothly. He took my ideas and points on board instantly, which showed in the first draft, as well as bringing his own ideas to the table which worked very well. Even though we were on different sides of the world, Max completed it in a couple of days. The result was everything I could have asked for and more. Extremely happy with how it turned out! I would recommend him to anyone out there.

KonciseMusic Producer

With over 3 dozen happy clients, millions of online views, and multiple award nominations, you’re in safe hands, whatever your idea.

Get in touch at max@maxpalmervisuals.com, and we can create something beautiful together.

It’s the kindness of sharing and the magic of word-of-mouth that allows me to do what I love for a living: