Whether you’re a bedroom producer working on your first EP, or a label manager creating a video campaign for your label’s 18th birthday, I’ve got a range of services and visual styles to get your music seen, and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

Whether you fancy some abstract psychedelic visuals, some beautiful organic complimentary shots, some weird mashed up trippyness, or a full-blown video shoot with explosions of colour and magic rainbow unicorns, we can make it happen.

My music videos have soared through millions of views online, have been broadcast on VH1, and I’ve been nominated twice for a Best Music Video award by Drum & Bass Arena.

From DnB to Chillout, Hip-Hop to Jazz, Glitch to Funk, Psytrance to Soul, Breaks to Dub, Experimental to just plain weird – whatever your flavour, you’re in safe hands.

Releases I’ve created official music videos for:

Max was an inspirational cat to work with. He is hugely positive, versatile and reactive. Every idea was possible, nothing was longed out or stressful. The results he got from our obscenely low budget set-up are amazing. Since shooting the video I have had meetings with film lecturers and producers and they have balked at the revelation that our video was shot on a total shoe string.

Max Palmer, brilliant film maker and jolly good egg.

Adam KammerlingRapper, Poet, Adam from Hip-Hop duo 'Adam & Cuth'

Max has worked on multiple album projects for us including Etherwood, Fred V & Grafix and Keeno. For Etherwood's debut album he created a cohesive video campaign for every track from the album, which undeniably contributed towards the great success of the release. His ideas have always been original and the work has always been completed on time. All the videos submitted have been of a great quality and can be viewed on our Youtube channel.

We will continue to use Max for future projects, and are more than happy to recommend his services.

Romy HarberDigital Manager, Hospital Records

I can offer the following services to help get your music seen:

On Location Director / Director of Photography

When creating a new music video, I work very closely with the artist, manager and label to ensure that their ideas are brought fantastically to life. I can work as a Director or DoP, or on low budget, small projects, I can manage all aspects of the shoot, directing and shooting it myself.

I’m all about the good, fun, happy vibes, and am always keen to express this in my videos – be it a sushi-donut cookery show in a public park, a pleasant soft-rock jam in a garage-studio, or a man playing with a wind-up duck in the shower. I’ve just seen the phrase “post-modernist tomfoolery” in the thesaurus, and I guess that might be an intelligent-sounding way of summing up the style I like to embody while directing and shooting. A good example would be this video I directed, shot and edited for Hip-Hop duo Adam & Cuth – Happy Up!

If you’ve got any ideas for a music video, no matter how weird or uncertain they are, I’d love to hear them and talk them through – please drop me an email, I’m currently located in:

If it turns out that we are in completely different parts of the world, do not fret my friend, we can still make a video together! The future is now!

I offer a range of services that allow us to collaborate no matter where either of us are in the world.

Complimentary Footage: Organic & Trippy

Due to my nomadic disposition, most of my music videos have been created from afar with beautiful footage that I’ve shot all over the world. I’ve created music videos remotely with footage from Asia, Europe and The USA, which have complimented the style of the artist and their music, while often mirroring the aesthetics of the album art as well. Good examples of this would be the set of visuals I did for Etherwood’s Blue Leaves and Urbandawn’s Cloudless.

If you fancy something similar, drop me an email and I’ll see what I’ve shot recently, or what’s nearby.

I can also create various trippy videos remotely by obtaining stock footage and bending it completely out of shape, such as Flowers by Koncise, and an experimental video I’m calling Dodgy Chinese WiFi. It doesn’t have to be trippy though, my award-nominated video for Lynx’s Clap Track was made by juxtaposing 1940’s swing dance footage with heavy DnB – no psychedelic effects necessary!

We can make magic happen no matter where either of us are in the world, so if you have some music without a video, drop me an email.

Audio-Driven Visualisations

Perhaps your music would better suit some fully custom, audio-driven visualisations? These animations are driven directly by the different sounds in the music, and can have very hypnotic effects. 

I create these styles of visualisations by using a plugin that analyses the spectrum of the track. I then isolate certain parts (snare, bassline etc.), and create an element of the visual to represent this sound. This part of the visual is then driven by the constantly changing amplitude of that specific sound – it may pulse to the rolling bassline, or snap to the snare, for example. This method can be further enhanced if you choose to send me the stems of the track – that way I can analyse each stem individually and there will be no frequency overlap from different sounds or instruments, thus increasing the creative opportunities within the visual.

These kind of visuals are good for when you have a few tracks in a release, but cannot afford different videos for each. Once the visual is set up, it’s fairly easy to just drop another track in, change a few parameters, and change the colours. The differences in the tracks will cause the visuals to behave differently, and changing the colours for each video will individualise them while still maintaining synergy across your release.

A good example you can check out is the visual I created for edIT’s Antsor a less in-your-face example for both sides of a Savage Rehab record.

So, if you have any tracks you’d like to upload to YouTube with much more than just a picture of the album art, or if your music is being broadcast on the telly, please drop me an email, and we can create magic together no matter where either of us are in the world. 

To view all of my music videos & visualisations, please have a flick through my catalogue.

It’s the kindness of sharing and the magic of word-of-mouth that allows me to do what I love for a living: