Do you need to flaunt your beautiful holiday destinations, the unique experiences your tours offer, or the noble charitable work of your NGO? I can help.

I am forever inspired by the breath-taking beauty of this Earth, and the fascinating, diverse cultures of her people. Naturally, my life has fallen into in a state of perpetual travel, and documenting these landscapes, cultures and experiences I encounter has become second-nature.

I’m all about capturing the vibe and energy of an inspiring trip or curious location in its entirety, and emulating that in an absorbing, complete audio-visual experience. I have created dozens and dozens of captivating videos based on travel, and some highlighted projects include:

6 Months of Summer

6 Months of Summer is the major project I’m currently working on.

In the summer of 2014, my best mate Rory and I met in The States, where we bought a 30-year-old RV (for worryingly cheap) and set off on a 6 month roadtrip with no plan, no goal, or anything that resembled an itinerary. We didn’t worry what might go wrong, but rather, what could go right. 2 years after the trip, I decided I have to do something with the hours and hours of priceless footage I’d shot of beautiful landscapes, and our gypsy lifestyle. At the start of this year I created a crowd-funding campaign, and with the help of some very generous backers, I am now editing a 6-part web series that explores what it means to be young, free and alive.

6 Months of Summer will be streaming for free, this July. To have it delivered to your inbox pre-release, join the newsletter here. For exclusive clips and updates please visit the 6MOS page of this site and follow me on social media – I | F | T.

For press, and to enquire about premiering 6 Months of Summer on your site, channel or network, please contact me here.

Lotus Lodge

I was a resident of Lotus Lodge, Siem Reap Cambodia for the best part of a year, creating tour videos that were shown on screens around the reception and bar areas, and also online to help promote the hotel and its tours. Watch ‘Life on Water’ here.


The 13 music videos I created for Etherwood’s debut album were made with footage from 6 weeks of backpacking around South East Asia. Watch here.


Most of the footage I shoot gets commissioned to be used in other projects, but sometimes I make videos of holidays or trips just for fun. Watch: Autumn in Berlin, Cambodia Boat Trip.

Major Happy

My award nominated music video Major Happy was created from footage of a European summer road-trip. Watch here.

For 9 months, Max worked with my team and I at Lotus Lodge in Siem Reap Cambodia. We worked together in creating beautifully shot tourism videos for our guests to enjoy. Max has a great understanding of cinematography and his editing is remarkable. It would be my pleasure to again work with Max in creating beautiful videos.

Mitch St.PierreManager, Lotus Lodge

Max provided us not only with a first class video to enable us to share our work in providing arts therapies to countries recovering from genocide with the international community, but he also provides a true passion and commitment to his work. Highly recommended.

Tori GreenFounder, Hand in HeART Project / Creator, Sok San Street Festival

So, if you offer some unbelievable holidays or inspiring tours, have a beautiful NGO, or are keen to attract more tourism to your island, town, city or country, get in touch!

I have no ties to any part of the world and am always keen to find opportunities to work in new and exciting places, so wherever you are, don’t be shy.

My current location is:

It’s the kindness of sharing and the magic of word-of-mouth that allows me to do what I love for a living: