I can create video loops to enhance the vibe of your party or event, or to promote your products or services in your shop, travel agency or fancy reception area.

Some of the events and venues I’ve worked with:

Depending on your needs, there tends to be 2 main categories of video loops I can create:

Vibe Enhancing Loops

I.e. for stages, festival tents, parties, clubs, gigs etc.

I believe visuals at a party play a big part in creating the desired mood and atmosphere, along with the decor and lighting. Party people (especially when intoxicated), are very susceptible to the atmosphere created with visuals, and they should be a major factor included when trying to create a certain vibe within your event.

I can create visual loops ranging from blow-your-head-off-super-psychedelic, to just moderately-psychedelic.

Only joking, I can do glitchy visuals, chilled visuals, beautiful nature visuals, colourful visuals, neo-noir visuals, happy visuals, urban visuals, weird visuals, 80s visuals…

Basically whatever the style of music or the size of the venue, I can create something awesome to match the aesthetics of your party. I can do anything from a 5 second loop with just your logo bouncing around, to a 15 minute loop combining real footage with animations and logos.

I’ve created video loops that have been projected behind DJs such as Ed Solo, JFB & High Contrast, that have been displayed on flatscreens around converted pubs, and in drum and bass festival tents. Please drop me an email with your ideas and the style of event you’re creating, and we can make some radness happen, wherever we both happen to be in the world.

I got Max Palmer to do some visuals for a club night I promoted in the Bournemouth area called Tropics. I gave Max a simple brief to work with and was over the moon with the result, which was a stunning ten minute visual loop that dramatically contributed to the vibe of the night. Furthermore the work was completed before the deadline. Will be using Max again in the near future for sure.

Toby KingPromoter & Event Organiser, Tropics

Promotional Video Loops

I.e. travel agencies, fancy reception areas, exhibitions, boutique shops etc.

I’ve created video loops that have been displayed on TVs in spaces all over the world. From tour videos in a 5* hotel reception in Cambodia, to video-flyers promoting a breakbeat club event in New Zealand.

Video loops are a great way to draw customers’ attention to details of your products or services that they wouldn’t normally see. Capture the feeling of your gorgeous holiday destinations and enchanting tours, showcase the hands-on creation process of your beautiful unique products, show a time-lapse of your art being created at your exhibition, or promote your event with a video-flyer.

If you’ve got a flatscreen or an empty looking shop window, drop me an email and we’ll talk about how we can use that space better and up your promo game.

It’s the kindness of sharing and the magic of word-of-mouth that allows me to do what I love for a living: